How To Select The Best Type Of Wood For Your Staircase

Building a new home? Renovating your existing space? Your staircase is a great place to start. A stunning looking staircase can transform the overall look of your interior. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a staircase design is what will work best for the rest of your space. Think about the style and whether it complements the rest of your home. Most importantly, consider the best installation that will give you a solid staircase that doesn’t creak. What type of wood is best for your stairs?

Choosing A Staircase On A Budget

One of the things to consider is how much you want to spend on the wood stairs. There are lots of cost-effective wood types that are ideal for custom staircases. Good examples are oak, maple and jatoba.


If you are looking for a wood staircase that is unique and appealing, you may want to consider cherry, walnut, maple and hickory. These wood types have a very unique appeal. You may narrow down your options to pieces of wood that have a rare natural beauty to a point that you never have to add another finish to it. You can always stain the wood to a color that works for you.

Consider Ease Of Maintenance

When narrowing down wood types, ask about its maintenance demands. There are certain types of wood that are prone to attack by pests, warping and shrinkage if not well maintained. Don’t just think about the upfront cost of installing the staircase, factor into account the cost of upkeep as well. Wood types that have excellent strength and durability always provide value for money.

To prevent the embarrassing and annoying sound of creaking, make sure you get a reliable contractor to install your staircase. A good carpenter will ensure the staircase is firm and eliminate any creaks.