As consumers tastes continue to evolve, interior stairs continue to be a focal point in many new homes and home renovations. Because of this, quality and selection of product is very important to accent the interior of any home. Royal Oak meets both the structural and aesthetic needs for a wide range of stair installations. All types of wood species are available, including Oak, Maple, Birch, Beech, Ash, Mahogany, Walnut, Jatoba, reclaimed Elm and Cherry to name a few. ‘Wall supported’ or ‘Freestanding’ curved staircases are available with an unlimited range of custom components, including custom handrail profiles and custom balusters.

We Specialize in Custom Staircases and Railings

Royal Oak Railing & Stair Ltd has designed, constructed and installed a wide range of custom wood stairs staircases. We take pride in our expert craftsmanship and promise to deliver unmatched quality and a staircase system that you desire. Our experts have years of experience in design and construction of custom staircases. Whether you need us to transform your home or business staircase, we will be happy to assist.

For every job, we visit the site and take all measurements or you can choose to call us with all the specifications. If you are undertaking a construction or renovation, we will work together to ensure the schedule doesn’t interfere with the rest of the project. It is our goal to install a staircase without any hassles or inconveniences.

Let’s help you revamp your stairs

For homeowners who are looking to transform the overall look of their space with custom staircase system, we are ready to help. We can install a new rail system that completely upgrades the look of your staircase. Our staircase designers have lots of great ideas that will complement the rest of your space. And the best part is that we are willing to work around your budget. We’ll show you cost-effective ways to transform your existing staircase and give it an amazing uplift. We’ll turn that dull looking entry hall into a signature statement that gets your guests talking for all the right reasons.

Choose versatile designs and layouts

Need us to design a custom stair layout for your home or place of business? We got you covered. Royal Oak staff and designers are well versed in all types of layouts and configurations of modern staircase systems. Among the common layouts of wood staircases that we’ve designed before include:

Circular Stairs

Circular staircases not only provide a convenient way to move between floors but also add a spectacular visual feature to your space. The area underneath the staircase can also be used for additional storage. This type of staircase is both practical and is an excellent decorative element that can emphasize the architectural style of any room. Due to its design features, a circular staircase makes a grand statement and vastly increases the look of an area, especially when located at the entrance.

In addition, round staircases are suitable for buildings and premises of any type and purpose, both residential and commercial. At Royal Oak Railing & Stair, we custom tailor our designs for every client’s needs and wishes. Take a look at our gallery to see some examples of our work and please don’t hesitate to contact us if have any questions or to discuss design options.

Open Concept Stairs

Modern architecture has long promoted visual openness, lightness and simplicity in the design of the interior. Open concept stairs correspond to these trends, and can be added both to a minimalist, modern or traditional design. These stairs consist only of treads, that is, the horizontal part, and the distance between them remains free. This creates an atmosphere of lightness, as if the staircase is floating in the air. These stairs are just as functional as any other types of stairs and are absolutely safe to use, in addition to being a beautiful decorative element. A big advantage of open concept stairs is that they won’t split the room into separate enclosed spaces, which is ideal for areas that are small or have limited light coming through.

Straight Stairs

A straight staircase has many advantages and a multitude of design options nowadays that makes it not only functional but also visually striking. This model is the simplest in terms of construction and as a result typically costs much less to build, depending on the amount of detail. The versatility of this design allows it to be one of the most popular. It is suitable for residential houses and for public spaces. Another obvious plus is the pragmatism of such stairs. In a straight design it is much easier to move around, as well as transport furniture and other goods.

With the help of our team, a straight staircase will fit in beautifully into the design of your space.

Winder Box Stairs

Winder Box stairs are appealing with their original form and design, as well as their compact size. In spaces where a circular staircase would not fit, a winder box staircase can be a great solution. Such a staircase is perfect for a small room, for example, a cottage or as an auxiliary structure, which leads to the attic or basement. Having a space efficient design, winder stairs have become a popular choice in both compact and sustainable homes.

At Royal Oak Railing & Stair we make sure that everything is made in accordance with the Building Code so that your comfort and safety is ensured. To protect against falls and add to the overall visual effect, high quality railings with handrails are installed, which are available in a variety of materials.

We build different stair designs

Perhaps you love the look of box stairs or prefer having open end stairs in your home. Whatever your design needs are, Royal Oak is ready to fulfill them. We can design different types of stairs including open risers, open end and loft stairs. We also provide a variety of wood stair components including stair treads, risers and stringers. If you need us to customize any of these wood stair components to fit your desired style, we are happy to do it.

We offer free consultation

Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to discuss the options you have. One of our expert installers will come to your home or office and look at the existing staircase. We will provide recommendations after discussing with you to better understand your goals. Our job is not complete until our customers are fully satisfied. We want to get a sense of your design style in order to design and construct a staircase that is uniquely yours.

We work with the best

Our team of highly experienced builders and designers work with architects to satisfy the needs of the clients. Whether we design the staircase or work with the third party designers, clients can be assured of a firm and stunning looking staircase that lasts for many years.

Get a free estimate today!

Need to renovate your staircase? We are happy to provide a free estimate after an initial consultation. Royal Oak designs, builds and installs all its stairs in conformance with the local building codes.