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Hello Troy,

It’s been almost two years since this e-mail was sent to you regarding a stair quote from Royal Oak. After a long and arduous process, our basement renovation is finally complete and I’m now sending out thanks to companies that went ‘above and beyond’. Your company, with the significant assistance of Andrena Murray, were able to install new stairs in the agreed upon timeline of October 31 2013. The photo below is before we stained the stairs adn handrail but it gives you a sense of how good it looks now. I’ve actually attached a separate photo of the old stairs before we started the dig down. They were…..scary.

Thanks very much for stepping in as you did and solving this problem for us. We’re very pleased with the result from Royal Oak Stair and I wanted to pass that along.

All the best,


Hi Blair.

I don’t do this often but feel it necessary today. I want to thank your team, especially Dave (the installer today), and Darlene (in charge of scheduling) for their tremendous dedication, perseverance and helpfulness during this crazy summer of construction. Darlene has been putting up with m‎y endless calling and complaining, while Dave managed to expertly and flawlessly install a stringer, two nosings, and two sets of railings today while painters, cleaners, carpenters, and plumbers were buzzing around him all day. Blair, you’re lucky to have those two at Royal Oak. But I also want to thank all those unknown faces putting all this stuff together, loading it and making sure everything works out perfectly like it almost always does with Royal Oak. Blair, to you and your team, keep up the good work.

Marvin,JAZ Building Group Inc.

Thank you once again for the excellent job you and your team did on our project.

John Holmes-GES

Hello Guys!

I just want to let you know that Patty and I and everyone else who has seen the staircase at 37 ………..is absolutely awed and thrilled.

You have done an amazing job just measuring, never mind the fabrication and installation.

Thank you so very much for an amazing job.

Wolf Lixfeld

Hi Grant

Thanks again for a job well done. Everyone is impressed!

John Hebb

Dear Mr. Karn,

Quality is very important to us so we are very pleased with the quality of design, materials and workmanship of our railing and banister installed by Royal Oak Railing and Stair.

We were most impressed by your installer Ken who is highly skilled and a true craftsman. He is very meticulous, and worked diligently taking only a short lunch break and finished in good time. His attention to detail made our installation the best workmanship that we have encountered and he exceeded our expectations.

The installation is very strong, safe and it looks just absolutely fabulous.


Ray and Dianne

We have partnered with Royal Oak Railing and Stairs our past few projects, where new staircases were needed. Royal Oak, namely Andrena, came to the sites, measured accurately and was very professional and extremely helpful. The staircases were made on time, with accurate measurements and perfect installation. The homes were enhanced by the beautiful staircases and made our overall project look even better! We value their commitment to excellence and it shows in the final product and look forward to a long relationship with Royal Oak Railing and Stairs.

FLUX Development Inc


We just wanted to touch base with you again now that the renovations are complete.

We wanted to let you know that we are extremely pleased with the outcome of our new stairs and railing. We were very reluctant on how it would turn out since the stairs and railing were both being added to existing rail and adjoining floor. We were also very concerned that the colour of the stain wouldn’t match what was already there and you kept assuring us that it would be a great match. We were very hesitant but we trusted you and we have to say it looks like it was done with the same product! Also, thank you for recommending the wider width of the stairs, we can’t believe the difference it makes – it really opened up the entranceway. The installation was also great, the gentleman who did the work was so professional and his work was excellent. He even fixed the bottom of our railing (that wasn’t part of this new installation) that the previous owners failed to finish. We had mentioned to him that the rail was loose and before he left he fixed it for us. Overall, we are so pleased with the new additions and having them blend right in. Thank you again for making it all happen, and happen so smoothly!

Sandra and Gary

Hi Blair,

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you and Andrena for your efforts during the course of our project. The stair railing was installed earlier this week and the staircase looks absolutely fabulous! A real show piece and a throw-back to a different time which is what we were after. As with most projects, we did experience some bumps along the way that had tremendous potential to turn into serious problems had they not been managed carefully and professionally. To that end, I cannot adequately express how valuable a resource Andrena has been throughout this process. There were a number of occasions where things could have completely gone off the rails and she stepped in without hesitation to provide a remedy, rational explanation for the misunderstanding all the while remaining composed and professional.

Furthermore, she was extremely proactive in all communications and follow up activities which for us was invaluable. I have been travelling a fair bit over the course of the last few months and Janice is completely swamped with project tasks. The one element of the project that we never had to worry about was your ability to deliver a quality product in a timely fashion. A large part of the comfort and confidence is directly attributed to Andrena’s professionalism, skill and capability. You have a great product and your customer facing side is now equally as impressive. Once again thank you and please express our sincere gratitude to Andrena for a job well done!

Take care of yourself…until next time.


Peter and Janice