Wood Railing Design Ideas to Inspire You

Posted on March 11/2015

Staircase railings are an important safety feature in your home – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautifully designed or downright inspired. While it may not occur to many homeowners to focus on the design element of their wood railings, it can be a great way to add one more element of visual interest to your home.

The following are a few ideas that might just encourage you to look at wood railing design in a whole new way.

At the End of the Rainbow

Typically when you think of a wood railing, you envision a natural wood colour – possible with spindles or balusters that are painted white. But if it’s ok to paint the balusters white, why not other colours? Varying shades of blues, greens or reds can give a cheerful impression and a railing that is sure to make a statement.

Such a quirky design may not be right for everyone, but for those brave enough to try it, it can be a conversation piece for years to come.

Wood and Glass Combo

Do you live in a household where one family member loves traditional design but another is just crazy for the more modern look? A railing design that incorporates both wood and glass may be the perfect solution.

A maple or honey hued wood rail atop elegant glass panels can give a room a light and airy appearance with its sleek simplicity.

Rustic Charm

Ideal for the cottage, course grained or knotty wood can be used to construct a rustic looking railing. No need for paint or heavy varnishes here – the natural beauty of the wood is the entire point of this look.

Graceful Curves

A spiral or helical shaped staircase can be a thing of beauty. Sleek wooden railings that are curved following the arc of the staircase can be a work of art. Rich caramel toned woods paired with similar coloured hardwood floors or stone tile come together for a beautiful contemporary look.

Craftsman Wood Railing

Love the American Craftsman style? It can displayed in your wood railing designs in a number of ways. Blond wood rails supported by lightly ornamented wood panels which can boast geometric cut outs, or multiple tones of wood are a good way to incorporate the Craftsman style into your railings.

Wood and Steel Combo

Like the wood and glass combo, the wood and steel combo is a great way to marry traditional and modern design. Light coloured natural wood rails and posts can be combined with steel cables to form a type of panel.

The end result is a look that is stunning and contemporary.

Wood and Iron Combo

Wood rails with iron balusters can look great with almost any décor from traditional to contemporary to modern. Select a wood tone that fits in well with the rest of the home and use either simple or ornate iron balusters according to your taste.

This look is always a classic.

This list of design ideas for wood railings is by no means comprehensive but it should give you a good start in choosing the design that is right for your home. If you live in the Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville or Hamilton areas give us a call for a free consultation.