Interior Design Ideas for Hardwood Stairs

Posted on March 11/2015

Hardwood staircases can add a touch of elegance to any home. Completely versatile in their appearance, there is literally no design style where hardwood staircases can’t be used as an amazing focal point. We have worked with many homeowners over the years, each with

Advantages of Wood

Unlike some other materials, the appearance of wood can actually improve as time goes by. Wood is both durable and easily maintained with a bit of care. Compared to other materials, construction time is also relatively low.

Hardwood Stairs for a Classic Look

It is easy to understand how those with a classic or traditional looking home would prefer the appearance of hardwood stairs over those covered in carpet or linoleum. For a classy touch, the bottom stair can be made slightly wider than the others.

This works especially well when the staircase leads to rooms which also have hardwood floors – and of course it is ideal that the floors and stairs are at lease similar in colour.

Sleek and Contemporary

Contemporary homes can also lend themselves quite well to hardwood stairs. With simpler and cleaner lines than a traditionally designed staircase and perhaps a darker colour of wood such as a deep chocolate, a contemporary hardwood staircase can have a striking effect.

Rustic Beauty

Of course one of the biggest advantages of wood, is it can be an opportunity to bring the outdoors indoors. Course grained and knotty wood of any colour can add a touch of rustic beauty to a home. A more rustic looking design can be combined with hardwood banisters, or storage shelves located underneath the stairs to complete the look.

Stately Elegance

Hardwood stairs can also be quite the opposite of rustic. They can also be the sweeping curved and stately staircases, where the debutant emerges before an awestruck crowd of suitors. Fine grained wood in warm honey and cherry hues with white walls on either side make for an elegant design that packs a dramatic punch.

Eclectic, Artsy and One of a Kind

Do you have your own unique style and design in mind? The good news is that hardwood staircases need not conform to any of popular styles of interior design but they can also have a look that is completely unique.

A one of a kind look can be accomplished in the stairs themselves – floating treads for example, or a unique paint job, or in the shape of the staircase – such as going with a helical design, or in custom designed rails – iron rails can be given almost any design you could wish for!

Your hardwood staircase, could literally be a functional work of art.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to interior design and your wooden staircase is no exception. We have helped homeowners thought Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton with a wide range of staircase designs and we are convinced that there is a hardwood staircase design to perfectly suit any home.