Choosing The Ideal Railing for Your Staircase

Posted on March 11/2015


Railings on staircases are not simply for show – they add an important safety feature for everyone using the stairs. But just because they are not “just for show” however doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable and showcase your staircase.

Available in a wide selection of materials, styles, and colours, a careful selection of your staircase railings should not be overlooked. They will, after all be a prominent feature in your home or business for years to come.


Whether you choose wood, iron or glass for your railings will make a big difference in the kind of impression or impact that your staircase is going to make. Any of these materials can be used to create a beautiful and high quality railing – but each one has its own very unique look.

Wood Railings

Wood railings create a timeless look that will never go out of fashion. They create an elegant feature or focal point. While many homeowners choose to go with a natural wood colour such as maple, cherry or walnut, wood railings can also be painted for homes with more contemporary interior design.

Another popular choice is to leave the rail itself a natural wood colour, but to paint the spindles or balusters.

An advantage of wood railings is that it is warmer to the touch than other materials such as iron.

Iron Railings

When people think of iron railings, they very often think of exterior railings. But iron railings can also add a touch of beauty and drama when used inside a home. They can work especially well with contemporary or modern interior design but they can also be seen in some traditional homes, in which iron spindles or balusters are made into intricate designs.

Glass Railings

Of the three material choices, glass railings are perhaps the most modern in appearance. Giving the appearance of a wide open space, glass railings are perhaps most common in commercial buildings such as office buildings and theatres.

Of course homeowners looking for something a little out of the ordinary can (and do!) choose them as well. They can look great in a clean and modern looking space.

The main drawback of glass of course, is that it is easily smudged – especially if you have a home with children or pets.

Styles and Colours

Wood and iron railings come in a variety of styles to fit the tastes of any homeowner (with glass railings, there are a somewhat less variations in styles).  These styles can range from the very simple to the very intricate – in fact, in the case of iron railings, there is a practically endless variety of ways in which they can be customized.

Where iron is ideal for a customized style, wood is ideal for a customized colour. It is possible to have practically any natural wood colour – you may even match the colour with your hardwood flooring or furniture – or have the wood painted in a colour of your choice.

So while railings are undoubtedly an important safety feature, remember that they can also be an important design feature as well – being as beautiful as they are functional.

If you need help in choosing your ideal railings, Royal Oak Railing and Stair has the expertise you need in the Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton areas.